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Food Systems In The Middle East, and Water Footprints of What We Eat With Rayan Kassem

In this episode, I was joined by Rayan Kassem. Rayan is currently working with youth mobilization and engagement in West Asia on climate action, food systems, nature-based solutions, and climate for people and the planet.

Rayan Kassem is the West Asia Regional Director for Youth4Nature. He is one of the national coordinators for the Global Youth Biodiversity Network activities in Lebanon and has gained experience in youth engagement for biodiversity protection and climate justice. He is also the UNMGCY Regional Youth Focal Point In Support Of The United Nations Food Systems Summit for the Middle East and North Africa. He has a Masters in Environmental Science with a focus on water resource management and climate change.

I feel very privileged to have had the time to Speak with Rayan because as you’ll find he is a wealth of knowledge on food systems, climate change, and environmental and societal issues. Not to mention being an extremely motivated and passionate young person eager to be a force for change.

In this episode, we slowly moved through a range of topics. Some of them are:

  • Environmental issues facing Lebanon and the greater middle east
  • How environmental and social factors shape the food system in the middle east
  • Differences in the global climate movement between his experience in Europe and Lebanon
  • Water footprints and household water consumption
  • How our diets impact our individual water consumption
  • Fighting greenwashing and tokenism
  • Where our biggest water footprints come from.

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