Rayan Kassem

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The Ajyal Project’s objective is to capture current understandings/
perspectives on climate justice principles in West Asia. It will involve West Asian youth in local contexts + West Asian youth-led NGOs involved in climate justice. The project is being drafted and is said to launch at COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.


The FoodProof Project

This is a project that will create micro-scale self-sufficient food systems that are low-cost and medium-term to isolated communities suffering from food insecurity and malnutrition. The project will support communities to produce their own food using modern resource-efficient methods such as vertical farming, hydroponics, community gardens, and alternative economies. We will collaborate with experts and develop trainings, toolkits, guidebooks, and easily transferable knowledge to young people in these communities to empower them to grow their own food.


young people’s advocacy on Climate Change in Lebanon

UNICEF Lebanon is targeting youth climate advocates in Lebanon who are part of youth-led initiatives interested in strengthening their advocacy capacities and support policy framing on youth and climate change.


The Ajyal Podcast

A Podcast by Youth4Nature aiming to highlight and discuss youth priorities, perspectives, concerns and expertise related to nature and climate in the West Asia.